8 Ball

Sharp Forks presents a VR Pool game with the goal of providing the most realistic and intuitive experience in the industry. In development for release in 2023, the game will feature various unlockables and achievements, a puzzle mode, online cooperation, refined lobby and net code, improved AI and additional avatars, locations, and utilities. Users can also expect physics, sound and UI improvements, and an integrated YouTube player for added functionality. Be prepared for plenty of updates throughout the year 2023.

Spray Paint

Spray Paint is a virtual reality app that allows users to create graffiti and paint artworks using realistic spray paint and airbrush tools. It features a physics engine for realistic painting, a variety of unique colors, different virtual environments to paint in, multiplayer support, and the ability to share creations with friends. Users can paint solo or invite up to four friends to join them in their virtual studio.
About Us

Sharp Forks: Pushing the Boundaries of Virtual Reality Gaming

Sharp Forks is a cutting-edge VR development company, dedicated to creating the most immersive and realistic gaming experiences. With a focus on developing innovative and intuitive VR games, Sharp Forks is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the virtual reality space. The company is continuously working on new and exciting projects, always striving to deliver the highest quality VR products to the market. With an ambitious and experienced team, Sharp Forks is set to revolutionize the way we play and interact in virtual reality.

App Development

We create innovate apps for users all around the world

Design Coding

Our team is constantly developing new user experiences

Digital Marketing

SharpForks apps is recognised worldwide for its presence on TikTok

Creative Design

We work on creating out of the box ideas and apps

In SharpForks Apps, solving problems in a creative way is what motivates us.

Exploring and creating new markets in app development is to us, more than a job, but a true passion. Our team constantly searches and explores new groundbreaking ideas. Each member of our team is part of a big family. To us, planning, cooperating and developing is what makes us grow as a company.


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