About Us

SharpForks is a creative app development company based in London specialised in offering out of the box solutions for our users.

SharpForks Apps started in London by three friends with a deep technology and design passion. During the years, the company grew from a small business into a market trend setter. Our common vision is to create timeless products to be used and loved from users all around the world. In a fast paced environment, we are proud to share and grow with our community. Looking forward, we’re always working on innovative and exciting ideas that we think will help and inspire our users.

With innovative ideas and development concepts, SharForks Apps has proven its value to the market and users. With more than 2 million active users from all around the world, our projects and ideas come together to help and benefit clients


Explore our ideas and values

In SharpForks Apps, communication and knowledge exchange are key points to what we do and where we want to be. Contributing with our community is a big part of our mission, also to inspire and help users with innovative concepts and ideas.